How to purchase licenses?

Software licenses can be purchased from CAD-MANUFACTURING SOLUTIONS, INC. online store.

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How to find the the software licenses?

CMS Software licenses data can be found at the purchaser user account located at the “Licenses” page of our online store. After license activation, the license ID number shall be published at the CMS Software HELP menu > About Box.

Can I upgrade later?

Users can always upgrade a CMS Software license.  Upgrades are available at UPGRADES section of our online store.

Upgrade to CMS IntelliCAD PE

What types of payment methods are accepted?

We accept credit card, PayPal or Bank wire transfers.

What support options do i have?

Free technical support is available at the free support forum. A payed dedicated support pack subscription is available at our online store. Support pack includes access to a time limited CMS IntelliCAD Cloud license subscription, granting uses the option to additionally run the latest, and maintained, CMS IntelliCAD PE CAD Software version.

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Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes. Please request such account cancellation using the contact addresses available at our websites.